Why choose Real Estate Web Creation?

See real examples of how we’re making a difference for our clients and providing one of the best values you’ll find in real estate SEO. 

Content strategy & development

Content isn't "king" without a strategy that provides users with a unique experience that offers real value

Relying solely on IDX data and pages is no longer an effective strategy in real estate SEO. Competition in most markets has become too crowded and national portals are also beginning to leverage IDX data fields and keywords like never before. While IDX pages are still an essential part of any real estate website’s foundation and user experience, strategic and well-executed content development for certain niche segments of your market is quickly becoming a vital component of any successful SEO strategy.

Our approach to content marketing

See how the new construction condos guide we developed continues to help the Seventy7 Group’s website maintain a top search ranking for new construction condos in Chicago, a highly-competitive and potentially lucrative keyword phrase in the Chicago market. 

Optimized blog content that targets the right audience

A modern blog strategy must be deliberate and target the right audience in order to maximize SEO impact. Gone are the days of adding content simply for the sake of adding content or re-writing the same generic topics the have already been published dozens of times or more and expecting results. Our proven blog strategy combines a hyperlocal content approach with funneling users to interior landing pages, effectively enhancing search engine crawl-ability, user experience, user engagement, and ultimately organic lead generation. Featured below are just some of the blogs we update and manage regularly as part of each client’s monthly SEO budget. 

Backlink acquisition through collaboration & quality content creation

Our approach to acquiring backlinks for your website doesn’t involve paying a backlink service and up-charging you on the backend. Instead, we methodically target relevant and local blogs and publications, reach out to these webmasters and publishers directly, and provide them with useful and engaging content that is designed to drive organic traffic to their websites, and ultimately yours as well. The process is tedious, time-consuming, and often expensive—but it’s also the only safe and effective way to build authority through backlink acquisition. Featured below are several articles we’ve recently had published.