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A case study in how Florida Search went from 4 organic leads in a single month to over 100 organic leads per month in less than a year. 


Date: May 2023 / Organic Leads: 4

After safely and successfully transitioning Florida Search over to Sierra Interactive, website owner Jeremy Olsher decided it was finally time to invest heavily in his own digital assets and presence on the web. The primary goal from the beginning was to increase organic traffic and leads,  and also fine-tune existing content throughout the website in order to provide a better brand presentation and user experience. 

Strategy & Process:

Leveraging IDX data & Internal Linking: We quickly concluded that more work needed to be done with Jeremy’s IDX in order to safely and effectively increase search visibility. Along with the on-going process of optimizing and developing IDX landing pages, we’re also still working to improve the website’s internal linking structure in order to enhance user navigation and search engine crawl-ability. 

Content Strategy & Development: In addition to IDX enhancements, we’re also completely overhauling existing landing page content, while continuing to implement consistent search query style blogging. Our approach to content development is uniquely designed to funnel users to high-priority interior IDX landing pages, effectively enhancing search engine crawl-ability, user experience, user engagement, and ultimately organic lead generation.

Premium Backlink Acquisition: Part of our strategy also involves working to boost search visibility and authority through quality backlink acquisition and content promotion. A few articles of a growing list that link back to Florida Search can be viewed below: 


Date: March 2024 / Organic Leads: 137

Although work is still on-going, especially in terms of cleaning up old content, we have successfully increased organic traffic 6x in less than a year. Further, Florida Search is consistently generating over 100 new organic leads per month right now, and in March 2024, the website generated 137 new organic leads. 

Every website and every market poses unique challenges, resulting in varying timelines and levels of success for each individual client. Newer website domains or websites that have engaged in poor SEO practices previously will not see results as quickly as established domains with existing search engine authority. Specific results and projections cannot be guaranteed by me or any other SEO professional or agency.