If you’ve partnered with Reside Platform and are needing SEO and website development services, use the contact form below to sign-up and reserve space in my monthly workflow. Upon receiving your info, you will be contacted directly to confirm your reservation. Regarding page creation services, the following is included in our special Reside Platform pricing structure: 

  • We’ll help devise your initial list of pages to add based on your MLS
  • We’ll create + maintain + share a progress tracking spreadsheet for all your landing pages
  • We’ll create + setup Page Sections for optimal site architecture (*for Sierra Interactive users)
  • We’ll create each IDX search + landing page
  • We’ll add keyword-rich introductory content to each page
  • We’ll create & install all your city-centric sidebars (HUGE VALUE!) (*for Sierra Interactive users)
  • We’ll revamp your main header & footer navigation menus (if needed or preferred)

All billing and invoicing is done via PayPal. Invoices will be sent on the 1st of each month and payment is due upon receipt.

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