Advanced SEO Plan


The updated pricing and service information below is based on today’s highly competitive and rapidly changing real estate SEO landscape. Current availability is extremely limited, or unavailable in a number of markets due to existing client relationships. 

Guaranteed Deliverables: 

  • 6 Search Query Style Blogs
  • Create 75 New IDX Landing Pages
  • Backlink Acquisition
  • Monthly Summary of Work Completed

Monthly Mix-Ins:

Along with the guaranteed deliverables listed above, additional miscellaneous work will also be included each that can include one, or any combination, of the following items listed below. For example, one month may include adding Sold Listing Modules to 30 landing pages, while another month may include adding high-quality, in-depth content to a number of landing pages throughout your website. Monthly mix-in combinations can also be an option depending on each individual website’s progress, as well as internal short and long-term goals for a particular website or client. But how we “mix-in” this additional work each and every month will be discussed  with each individual client on a month-to-month basis. 

  • Premium Landing Page Content Development
  • Sold Data Implementation (30 Pages)**Sierra Interactive users only
  • Internal Linking Enhancements

Additional Benefits:

Each month will also include continued competitor website analysis and also constant new development monitoring to ensure we’re among the first to feature all the latest new construction projects coming through the pipeline in your market, effectively giving you a better chance at seeing a premium search ranking early.

  • New Development Monitoring & Landing Page Creation
  • Competitor Monitoring & Analysis

Frequently Asked Questions

What is search query style blogging?

Everyone knows blogging is an essential part of SEO but few know how to execute a content strategy that actually drives relevant traffic, leads, and results. More often than not, website owners assume adding content simply for the sake of adding content improves a website’s SEO. But with the internet already overloaded with the same generic content pieces, crawl budget is quickly becoming a much more important factor to consider when devising the right SEO strategy. As a result, the approach we’ll take with your website is to exclusively craft optimized content designed to not only target specific and unique search queries prospective home buyers in your market are running consistently but to also enhance your website’s internal linking profile in a way that funnels blog traffic to IDX landing pages with active property listings, which act as any real estate website’s primary lead generation mechanism. Further, if your blog is already overloaded with “Just Listed,” “Recently Sold,” or “Market Update” content, we’ll also recommend removing these outdated blog posts entirely to ensure your crawl budget is maximized on quality content that matters.  

It’s also worth noting that in today’s real estate SEO landscape, many of the national portals are beginning to leverage IDX data in a way that targets niche keywords and segments of your market like never before, as evidenced by the screen shot below. Because of this, quality, hyper-local content will only become more valuable in the future as it relates to organic traffic and lead generation in the real estate sector, which is why we put such a heavy emphasis on our search query style blogging approach. But as competitor websites also put a stronger emphasis on similar content strategies, competition for search query style blogs should also be expected to greatly increase over time as well, making it even more critical you execute a content strategy that is proven to drive results

Can I see some examples of blog content you produce?

Absolutely! Listed below are just several of the client blogs we manage on a monthly basis. 

As with anything SEO-related, results and search rankings will vary and largely depend on where a website is at in its development process. However, all blog content published on your website will be fully optimized to give us the best chance at driving relevant, organic traffic as quickly as possible. 

What is backlink acquisition and what does it entail?

Backlink acquisition is the process of obtaining “inbound links” from other high-quality and authoritative websites in order to enhance your own website’s Domain Authority. Google and other search engines view quality backlinks as a vote of confidence so-to-speak, effectively impacting how your website is evaluated and ultimately ranked in search results. In short, as more high quality websites and publications link back to your website, the more trustworthy and authoritative it becomes in the eyes of search engines, consequently improving your search rankings over time. 

Our backlink acquisition strategy is content-based and involves researching and identifying quality websites, digital publications, and promotional partners; webmaster and publication outreach; cultivating and maintaining relationships with webmasters and publishers; and crafting, editing, and publishing quality content that links directly back to your website. Several examples of strategic backlink acquisition recently coordinated for clients are listed below: 


*Domain Ratings listed above are based on Ahref’s Website Authority Checker

What can I expect from landing page content development?

A landing page content strategy will be outlined for each individual website in each individual market. In general, condo buildings, neighborhoods, and subdivisions are among the most competitive keywords and search phrases and will usually need a higher volume of quality content. Other niche landing pages for home styles or home features, on the other hand, might not be quite as competitive in a given market, so a higher content volume on these pages might not necessarily be needed at first. If landing page content is part of a particular month’s work cycle, we’ll outline how much content will be added and to what landing pages specifically ahead of time. If landing page content is the sole focus of the monthly mix-in during a monthly work cycle, a typical month will look similar to this: 

  • 6 Search Query Style Blogs 
  • Create 75 Base Landing Pages 
  • 1 Backlink Acquisition 
  • Landing Page Content on 5 Pages (500+ words per page)

What is Sold Data Implementation?

Sold Data Implementation refers to leveraging a newer feature Sierra Interactive released that involves installing recently sold listings in table-format on landing pages throughout your website. Because these tables are directly synced up to your IDX feed and automatically updated accordingly, there is extra on-page SEO value in having this feature applied to any and all IDX landing pages currently on your website. Further, because sold data can be useful information to potential sellers wondering what their home or condo is worth, or buyers wondering what a competitive offer looks like based on recent sales, Sold Data Implementation can also enhance user experience greatly as well, which can keep users coming back to your website and increase conversion probability. 

As for the process involved, we’ll add a content-based page-jump link at the top of each landing page that both allows users to know sold data is available on a page, and also provide them with a quick and easy way to access it. Next, we’ll also add a new content-based section that includes a brief introduction and also the sold data table itself. 

View example page here, or refer to the screen shots below for a quick visual.

Please note: This feature is exclusive to Sierra Interactive customers since this is a Sierra Interactive feature specifically. For any Real Estate Webmasters or WordPress customers, we can also mix-in similar work based on what features or custom programming you’ve installed or that your IDX software allows. 


What are Internal Linking Enhancements?

SEO and user experience often go hand-in-hand, especially when it comes to website architecture and how related content is linked together. Many of your early successes in SEO will be from niche search categories and long tail keywords, or segments of the market that may not have strong inventory at any given time. If and when prospective home buyers reach these pages organically and don’t see any available listings, it’s entirely up to your website’s user experience at that point to keep them on the site longer in order to increase your chance at converting that traffic into registered leads. Are users able to quickly navigate over to other related pages or sections of your website? Is your website easy to browse? How quickly are you funneling users to IDX pages that prompt registration? These and other questions all need to be addressed in order to maximize SEO, lead generation, and search engine crawl-ability, which is why we’ll evaluate, tweak, and utilize certain website and CMS features like Content Labels, Page Sections, CTA snippets, and other navigational tools unique to the platform you’re using. 

Why increase my budget and not just opt for cheaper leads?

It’s true—social media ads are cheaper and Google PPC will provide your business with leads instantly. However, not everyone your ads reach on social media is actively searching for a new place to live, whereas search engine marketing targets prospective home buyers and sellers who are deliberately seeking out your services or whatever property type, style, or investment they’re interested in during a search. Further, unlike when a website has ultimately reached the point of being able to generate leads organically, all incoming leads will come to a screeching halt whenever paid ads are turned off, making your business more expensive to run in the future should you decide to get out of production and manage a team from behind the scenes. Additionally, your website is far less attractive to potential buyers should you decide to exit the business entirely if you’re only relying on paid ads to drive sales. And with search engine competition only getting stronger and opportunities to grab a sizable share of search traffic dwindling at a faster rate than ever, there simply hasn’t been a more pivotal time to invest in your website and commit to organic SEO than right now