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Latest Mount Scott-Arleta Homes

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Mount Scott-Arleta is a family friendly and creative community on the Southeast edge of Portland just west of S.E. 82nd Ave. and next to the Woodstock neighborhood. Mt. Scott-Arleta feels almost suburban though it is very much a part of urban Portland. This is a charming neighborhood of older Portland homes and old growth trees lining many of the streets. This is a neighborhood that has been going through a real renaissance in recent years with small clusters of businesses within easy walking distance.

The Arleta Library Bakery is one such popular brunch spot in the community and is run by residents of the neighborhood. Home prices are still affordable, and the area has attracted a creative crowd.

Schools: Marysville Elementary, Binnsmead Middle, Madison High

Parks: Mt. Scott Park

Shopping: Safeway, Fred Meyer

Neighborhood Information:

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