10 Mar 2018


Real Estate Web Creation now works with

10 Mar 2018

The Results

A closer look at some of the results our clients are seeing

Real Estate Web Creation now works with agents and brokers all over North America, boosting organic traffic and lead volume in some of the most competitive markets in the U.S. and Canada. Based in Chicago, a number of my longest running clients are located right here in the Windy City, but referrals have allowed my client base to expand each and every year since the beginning. While every website and every market poses unique challenges, here’s a quick look at how my SEO and website development approach has helped create a better brand for just a few current clients…

[Graphs represent weekly organic traffic volume]




Helaine is one of my longest running clients, and I’ve been working on her website since it originally launched all the way back in 2012. Back on August 10th of that year, the website recorded its first visitors ever, totaling 6 for the day. Steady optimization efforts and a strategic content development plan that still continues to this day now have her website at the top of search results, and a web presence that’s stronger than ever. A recent review of her website showed 535,755 visitors for the year, with 55.4% of that volume being new visitors and 44.6% returning visitors. Helaine’s organic lead volume has also steadily increased over the years, elevating her business to extraordinary levels.



Gold Coast Realty


Like Helaine, Leo is another client who has been with Real Estate Web Creation for years. It was also back in 2012 when I initially started working on the Gold Coast Realty website, although back then, it was a little more sporadic. But after getting a better idea of what the website development process entails, how competition factors in, and getting a truer sense of how search engine optimization could help elevate the Gold Coast Realty brand, it didn’t take long before part-time work on GoldCoastRealty-Chicago.com evolved into a monthly investment. As you can see from the chart, we’ve gone from minimal traffic back in 2012 and 2013 to now just under 7,500 weekly organic sessions on a fairly consistent basis during peak times of the year.


Chicago’s Property Shop


Nick’s business is unique in that his company’s primary focus is on the robust apartment market in Chicago (at least for now). Similar to Leo and Helaine, Nick has been a Real Estate Web Creation client dating all the way back to 2013. An aggressive optimization strategy and a heavy emphasis on luxury apartment buildings throughout Downtown Chicago have allowed Nick’s business to grow substantially thanks to steady increases in both organic traffic and organic lead volume. As you can see from the graph, the apartment market in Chicago is very seasonal, but our goal moving forward is to continue our on-going optimization efforts in order to start getting Nick and his team more business on the “for sale” side of the market.


The Holt Real Estate Group

Nashville has one of the hottest housing markets in the country right now, so working on the Holt Real Estate Group website has been especially fun. After starting in on NashvillesPropertySearch.com, it was clear the site needed quite a bit of work on the on-page SEO side of things. The first order of business was getting many of the site’s existing pages re-tooled to better satisfy all the basic optimization guidelines, and more recently the focus has shifted towards steadily expanding the Holt Real Estate Group brand beyond the city of Nashville and into the suburbs. Over the years we’ve seen organic traffic and lead volume continue to climb, and much of this success is due to an aggressive SEO and content development approach that we’re still implementing even today.



Calgary Home Boys


After failing to see satisfactory results from another SEO company, John reached out to me back in 2015 after a current client gave him my info. Frustrated with the lack of results, Team Leader John Mayberry was hesitant to spend even more money on website development and SEO but had also heard good things about my work at the same time. With Calgary also being one of the more saturated markets in terms of competition and the number of real estate websites already in place, it’s been an uphill battle from the start. Nevertheless, John has continued to stay patient and since beginning work on his website, he’s gone from just 49 weekly visitors back in the first week of April 2015 to just under 800 weekly visitors more recently. In addition, we’ve also seen his organic lead volume increase by over 200% during the same time frame, and we’re only just getting started!



The Little Group


Compared to a few of the other agents and brokers mentioned above, Robert is one of Real Estate Web Creation’s newer clients. When first starting work back in June of 2015, Robert’s website was still very much in the early development stage and seeing very little organic traffic, and even fewer organic leads. In fact, it wasn’t producing any organic leads whatsoever at that time. The first steps we took involved fine-tuning much of the site’s on-page SEO and re-working the entire site architecture, and from there it’s been all about targeting key areas of interest and implementing a stronger content development approach to help maximize visibility in search results and strengthen the site’s overall authority. Like other clients, results have been steady, and we most recently hit an all-time high of just under 350 weekly organic sessions.



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