Real estate blogs that ENGAGE…

Providing high quality information to home buyers and sellers is the name of the game when it comes to an effective content strategy, and finding ways to enhance your website’s user-experience by engaging others in the industry should always be explored. In the example below, we thought it would be fun to share with readers what luxury apartment buildings in Chicago are the most entertaining to follow on Instagram, which not only provided great content on both a client’s website and social media accounts, but it also helped build an even stronger relationship between Nick and his team and several of the buildings Chicago’s Property Shop continues to be top-producers at in the downtown area.

Social media posts that PROMOTE

Putting a “real estate spin” on lifestyle content is a great way to engage other social profiles and promote local businesses in the community, which ultimately increases exposure, encourages those same businesses to share your posts, and helps drive more followers across the board. In addition, it’s also a nice way to establish yourself as a true local expert, which doesn’t hurt your business or your reputation either.

Real estate blogs that RANK

Identifying and targeting long-tail keyword phrases that have the potential to drive traffic is always something we explore and execute when managing a real estate blog, but that’s only one element of a successful blogging strategy. Covering market news, new development, and identifying topics that allow us to strategically direct users to high-priority areas of your website are also critical components to a strong blogging/content plan, and as you’ve probably noticed by now, sprinkling in some lifestyle tidbits here and there can also go a long way in maximizing exposure too.